As it sounds, a treatment-focused assessment is a brief assessment that is used to develop a individual therapy treatment plan and recommendations. This assessment occurs during your first and second session of induvial therapy.


A treatment-focused assessment is individualized and involves gaining a comprehensive understanding of:


  • What you are experiencing (e.g., presenting concern(s), symptoms, functioning)
  • Your past experiences (e.g., personal and family background relevant to the presenting concern)
  • Any effects on your well-being
  • Your personal strengths and coping strategies
  • Your goals


This is an essential step of individual therapy because we need to clarify the problem area in order to decide on the best and most effective way to help you find relief and manage or overcome the problem’s impact on your life.


There is no written report and a formal diagnosis may not always be provided. However, you are provided with feedback during the session, which includes a conceptualization of the problem area as well as treatment recommendations/plans.