Individuals with a social type of anxiety often experience some of the following:


  • Fear of being the centre of attention, judged, or criticized in a social setting
  • Extreme fear of rejection
  • Avoidance of situations or extreme discomfort in social settings
  • Excessive anxiety around presentations, dating, job interviews, speaking in class or in work meetings, meeting new people, group gatherings, etc.
  • Disruption in your social, work/academic, and/or home life


Although medications exist to ease anxiety, they are less effective without therapy. Fortunately, evidence-based therapy treatment has been shown to be very successful in reducing social anxiety. We have many strategies and tools available to help you change what you do and how you think about your anxiety to alleviate many of the above symptoms.


Saterra’s associate psychologists and therapists are trained in a number of therapeutic approaches that can help alleviate these symptoms. Please contact one of our associates today to set up an initial consultation and discuss how we can begin to help. You may also use our contact form (Contact us) or call our practice line at 613-831-8181 to speak with an associate or for general inquires.