Individuals who self-harm or self-injure experience some of the following:


  • Hurt themselves on purpose—e.g., cutting, burning, scratching—without intending to end their life
  • Difficulty understanding and coping with emotions
  • Feeling out of control and trying to gain some control with self-harm
  • Feeling empty or numb
  • Feeling the need to punish themselves
  • Seeking physical pain as a replacement for emotional pain
  • Depression


Therapy can help you find coping strategies other than self-harming to deal with your emotions and life stressors. With insight into the underlying causes and triggers of your need to self-harm, you can begin to challenge injurious impulses and resist the urge to self-harm. By applying strategies to develop self-compassion, you can begin to improve your quality of life and overall functioning.


Saterra’s associate psychologists and therapists are trained in a number of therapeutic approaches that can help alleviate these symptoms. Please contact one of our associates today to set up an initial consultation and discuss how we can begin to help. You may also use our contact form (Contact us) or call our practice line at 613-831-8181 to speak with an associate or for general inquires.