We all experience many different emotions at different levels of intensity and duration. We may find that some emotions are difficult to understand and others we may prefer to avoid. Individuals struggling to understand and manage their emotions often experience the following:


  • Frequent fluctuations in emotions
  • The ability to manage emotions in some situations but not in others
  • Feeling like our emotions are “taking over”
  • Difficulties calming down or relaxing
  • Emotions like fear, sadness, and anger may feel consuming and difficult to stop
  • Difficulty understanding and accepting positive emotions, such as happiness
  • Feeling guilty or underserving of feelings
  • Acting impulsively
  • Risky behaviour


Learning how to tolerate all of our emotions is key in maintaining a well-balanced life as well as relationships with others.


Saterra’s associate psychologists and therapists are trained in a number of therapeutic approaches that can help alleviate these symptoms. Please contact one of our associates today to set up an initial consultation and discuss how we can begin to help. You may also use our contact form (Contact us) or call our practice line at 613-831-8181 to speak with an associate or for general inquires.