Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy that addresses problems that have occurred between two individuals. These sessions provide a safe place for the couple to speak, think, and express feelings freely. Couples therapy addresses obstacles and conflicts in order to move towards achieving the ultimate goals set by the couple. The psychologist or therapist works to care for the couple as a whole, rather than make judgments about who is right or wrong, so that each member feels equally supported.


Couples therapy can be helpful for:

  1. Understanding the negative patterns of interaction in the relationship
  2. Identifying what each person wants from their relationship and from one another
  3. Improving communication
  4. Finding ways to manage and resolve conflict (without avoidance)
  5. Supporting one another and creating shared meaning
  6. Reconnecting with each other’s future desires or goals
  7. Increasing security, closeness, and connection with one another
  8. Improving the friendship among the couple


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