Registered Psychotherapist

I am a registered psychotherapist with over a decade of experience working with children and youth, both as a counsellor and teacher. I am coming from working with high-risk youth. I enjoy working with families and have done work with parents and collaborative teams.

Ms. Christine Keown

Registered Psychotherapist

I am a registered psychotherapist with over a decade of experience working with children and youth, both as a counsellor and teacher. I am coming from working with high-risk youth in both residential, secure treatment, and school-based settings. Prior to working as a psychotherapist, I was a teacher of both elementary (grades 2-4) and middle school/high school (grade 8/9) students. I enjoy working with families and have done work with parents and collaborative teams during my time at the Roberts/Smart Centre, an accredited children’s mental health facility in Ottawa.

As a type-1 diabetic since the age of 4, I have extensive experience helping people cope with the battles that come from living and working with a chronic illness or adjust to major life changes from an injury or accident. Additionally, I completed my master’s research on the impact of non-nociceptive pain (i.e., pain from nerve damage rather than from tissue damage).

I understand that the best counselling work happens in a safe and non-judgmental space. Confidentiality and trust-building are of utmost importance to me so that clients feel heard and understood. My teaching background provides me with knowledge of educational demands and development stages as children transition into adulthood. It has also highlighted the importance of individual learning styles and preferred methods of communication, which transfer to the counselling context. I work hard to find the best form of communication for each client I see and test different methods (art, sand tray, writing/journaling, etc.) that help them feel comfortable communicating about tough topics.

I believe in providing evidence-based treatment, which means that the treatment has been scientifically evaluated and shown to provide beneficial outcomes. Using my clinical judgment and experience, I will also customize psychotherapeutic interventions depending on client concerns, personality, and goals. Some of those interventions may include cognitive behavioural, collaborative problem solving, emotion-focused, interpersonal, narrative therapy, acceptance and commitment, and mindfulness-based techniques.

**Please note that for insurance purposes, I can provide insurance receipts as a Psychologist-Supervised Psychotherapist**


Registered Psychotherapist (RP)

Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC)

Current Ontario and BC teaching licenses (OCT and BC TRB)

MEd Counselling Psychology-University of Ottawa (2016)

BEd-Trinity Western University (2012)

-Specializing in elementary education with a concentration in special education

BA-Trinity Western University (2011)

-Concentrations in human kinetics, special education, and education

Professional memberships

Member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) since 2016

Member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) since 2014

Member of the Ontario College of Teachers since 2014

Member of the British Columbia Teacher Regulation Board since 2012

Clinical experience

I spent several years working with high-risk youth, parents, families, and all involved parties at the Roberts/Smart Centre in Ottawa, ON. I am used to working in a collaborative setting with staff, psychiatrists, doctors, parents, lawyers, probation officers, social workers, and other professionals to ensure the best care for each client, and will gladly work alongside other professionals if requested, as integrated care is proven to be very successful.

My work at the Roberts/Smart Centre included work in several different areas, including a secure treatment unit, residential treatment programs, school-based programs, outpatient community work, and an intake department. Through these roles I have worked with youth aged 11-18 dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation and gesturing, anger management, self-esteem, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, oppositional defiance disorder (ODD), conduct disorder, youth criminal justice cases, PTSD, trauma, social anxiety, self-worth and identity, substance use, human trafficking, other high-risk behaviours and more.

I have also worked with an agency providing counsel to clients in the youth criminal justice system. The agency’s goal is to reduce rates of recidivism through connectivity with counsellors and taking a more restorative route to treatment and justice for youth. This work was done in the community and in clients’ homes, focusing on family units and working with all parties involved. It involved working closely with probation officers and courts to help the youth ensure attendance at all appointments and court dates.

I provide community outreach in the form of teaching seminars, presentations, and collaborations as I keep up to date on research. I am committed to reducing stigmatism and bringing more awareness to mental health in the community. Feel free to inquire if you are in need of someone to present at your school, workplace, event, or otherwise.

Services offered

I provide individual therapy to adolescents (12 years and older) and adults for the following concerns:



Stress and anger management

Suicidal thoughts/ideation/gesturing

Self-harming behaviours (cutting, overdosing, substance abuse)

Health/chronic illness

Adjustment issues

Career concerns/counselling

Interpersonal/relationship issues

Sexuality/sexual identity


School struggles

Behavioural problems

Self-worth/Self-image/Body Image issues


High-risk behaviours

Borderline personality disorder

Youth criminal justice


How to Reach Me

Practice Line: (613) 831-8181