Parenting can be rewarding but it can also be challenging and stressful. Parents may sometimes feel like they have tried all they could to assist their children, but with little success. As a result, parents and children may become overwhelmed.


Parents may report the following:


  • Stress and feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Difficulties managing their child or adolescent’s behaviour
  • Difficulties with various developmental stages (e.g., puberty)
  • Struggles in coping with a child’s or adolescent’s mental or physical health concerns
  • Challenges parenting within blended, multigenerational, or same-sex families


Our trained associates also have experience in helping parents and children cope with challenges that might arise during a divorce or separation. We can provide assistance with:


  • Adjusting to changes in the family
  • Custody and access-related challenges


Saterra’s skilled psychologists and therapists can help you build skills and tools to help you feel more confident and less overwhelmed with all of the demands of parenting. Learning such strategies can be helpful in building better relationships with one’s children and partner, improved communication, reduced conflict, better understanding of your child or children, and managing and tolerating challenging behaviours or life transitions.


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